Nebojša Vujošević

Audio and video engineer
Theatre specialist

“As I review the events of my past life I realize how subtle are the influences that shape our destinies.”

Nikola Tesla

    About me

    Within over 25 years of experience in the entertainment business, I organized an endless number of events, presentations, and
    festivals. Through my work, I was directly reshaping the nightlife in
    the city of Belgrade and brought cultural changes to the whole
    region. There are many organized workshops, exposition nights
    and artistic performances in many different entities I was a founder
    of. Besides all of this, I released dozens of music projects wide
    world, been a part of the creative team to design audio-visual
    images of the companies produced music for theatres,
    broadcasting companies, shows, advertising agencies. I was
    personally involved in more than 500 music performances and I’ve
    been part of the operation team at the biggest cultural center in
    Kuwait, Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre.


    • The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Applied Studies (2000 – 2003) // graduated: 2013
      course: Audio and video technologies
    • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (1992 – 1997) // graduated: no
      course: Shipbuilding



    In 2017 I’m getting an offer from the company “Svetlost-Teatar” to join the operation team on the project Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Culture Centre in Kuwait. I’ve been in the position of AV specialist and sound engineer.


    I’ve got an offer to join a new Broadcasting company “Arena Sport”, which was the first HD broadcasting in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro. I was working on the position of sound designer and I was a member of the creative team which was shaping the audio-visual image of the broadcasting and Company itself.


    I opened a Company ” Groove Music” with a business partner for organization stage performance within which I started a publishing label “Ultra Groove rec.” In addition to actively participating in events in Serbia in 2003, I started a nightclub, the legendary “Planet Bigz” which based on the performance of artists wide world. In 2006 we closed this club but very soon after that, we opened 2 more. In 2010 I’ve got a stage “Gaia Xperiment” at the “Exit” festival, the biggest festival in Eastern Europe, arrange a program and do performances and I still do.


    I organized an endless number of events, presentations and festivals, reshaping the nightlife culture of Belgrade and cultural events in the whole region.


    I organized an endless number of events in the nightclub “Industrija” and jazz scene “Plato” and at Summer open scene “Barutana”


    President of association, Founder of music projects “Space art” and “Xperiment”


    Cisco Certified Network Associate 33%
    Sound Engineering 100%
    Sound Mixing 90%
    Video Engineering 90%
    Video editing 75%
    Theatre specialist 100%
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